Entertainment City Philippines will be one of the most important tourism gateways into the Philippines.
The Philippine Entertainment City will have 5,000 hotel rooms built on a 100-hectare complex with in the Manila Bay area.
Upon full completion, it will accommodate up to a million tourists annually who will enjoy over one million square meters of hotels, shopping, gaming and entertainment.


•     Each proponent is committed to invest at least US$1 billion for the resort they are building in Entertainment City.
•     Strict Compliance guidelines or minimum development standards required to operate casinos in the Entertainment City:
      o     Each proponent is required to invest at least US$650 million of their US$1 billion commitment.
      o     Each proponent must construct a minimum of 800 hotel rooms.
      o     Each integrated resort must have a minimum of 250,000 sq. m. of gross floor area,
                with each proponent’s gaming area not exceeding more than 7.5% of their gross floor area.
      o     Each proponent is required to have a minimum of 20,000 square meters of retail spaces.
      o     Each integrated resort should provide a thematic attraction worth at least US$20 million.

•     Benefits to be derived from the Entertainment City project:
      o     Aside from the minimum 4 billion US Dollar investment commitment, the Entertainment City project will foster large-scale development.
      o     The resorts will have a capacity to accommodate a million tourists anually.
      o     Based on the Philippine government’s tourism blueprint, the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP)
                seeks to achieve for the country 10 million tourist arrivals by 2016.
                That means one tenth of the target for the whole Philippines can be generated from the Entertainment City.
      o     The project is also expected to provide direct local employment of at least 40,000.

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